This LAN Is My LAN

It can be difficult to stand out in a crowd – even more so when that “crowd” is a sea of routers. Whether you’re unboxing a new router or just finally giving your existing router a name of its own, with a little creativity, you can be the talk of the town (or, more realistically, neighborhood).

Naming a network is one of the many little joys in life for those of us with a punny sense of humor. And while we take WiFi pretty seriously here at Hook’d, our naming conventions are more “causal Friday” than “corporate America”. Below are some of the best network names we’ve created or stumbled across.

  1. New England Clam Router
  2. Funny It Worked Last Time
  3. LANdo Calrissian
  4. Bill Clinternet
  5. The Amazing SpiderLAN
  6. Abraham Linksys
  7. Silence of the LANs
  8. Lord of the Pings
  9. One Does Not Simply Connect To WiFi
  10. Very Slow Internet
  11. Mom Use This One

What’s In A Name?

So whether you stick by the classic, “Pretty Fly For A WiFi” or want to “Drop It Like It’s Hot Spot,” remember that a router by any other name would connect you to the internet just as quickly (we hope!).

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