Show Me The WiFi

A universal truth about wireless internet? When you need it most, oftentimes you can’t connect. As this inconveniently ubiquitous experience demonstrates, only when you’re untethered do you realize how much of your daily life involves a reliable internet connection.

Picture this: you’re at the airport, and the network is asking you to hand over your social security number and blood type to access a hotspot with extremely narrow features. Or maybe at your second cousin’s wedding you want to scope the new Supreme drop on Instagram, but since First Presbyterian still hasn’t configured their router properly, you’re forced to endure the procession instead.

A few years ago, in a land not so far away, a car broke down in the desert on a trip between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Instead of watching Mad Men while waiting for AAA, the driver was forced to play an unhealthy amount of Sudoku to avoid black-market-kidney levels of price-gouging for roaming data. For reasons unable to be articulated, being at a social event like a business conference or sporting event without internet feels a lot like being stranded on that desert road. Except that instead of sand, you’re surrounded by people. If you’re like us, your interest in conversing with either is about equal.

Taking a dive into your WiFi-connected phone is the modern social equivalent to taking a smoke – just less smelly. It’s a break from immediate social pressure, a stress relief. Being untethered can be painful. Some part of you, deep down, can feel a vibrating inbox locked away on a distant server, receiving an email from a client or friend, unable to be accessed.

Drop It Like It’s Hotspot

There are many benefits to having superpowered hotspots like the ones provided by Hook’d WiFi at events (besides simply maintaining the sanity levels of attendees). The most salient of these is that your event receives free press. People like to let their friends, and the general public, know that they occasionally leave the house.

By plugging your guests into the grid, you have effectively hired a small army of mercenary photographers and PR agents who work pro bono. These numbers are multiplicative rather than additive. Every additional guest compounds attention, because each additional social media post relevant to the event reaches a new network of individuals who would have otherwise never heard of it, each of whom can then share the event in turn. Videos and images are the most data-hungry kind of content, but also the most attractive to consumers. All too often when you meet a stranger at an event and become friends, they don’t ask for a phone number, they ask to connect via social network. And when you can’t access your accounts due to an overwhelmed LTE signal, this new connection soon ceases to exist.

Hook’d WiFi supplies event managers with mobile hotspot units that broadcast a WiFi signal miles wide and can sustain the traffic of thousands of users – whether they’re at a music festival, an antique roadshow, a sporting event, or a business conference. Users can stay plugged in, check their email, find their friends, and spread the news of your event.

If you’re interested in having Hook’d WiFi at your next event, contact us at 888.HOOKDUP or Heck, we even do weddings.

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